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Curricular Materials to Accompany the McIntosh Apple Development Poster
Distributed by the Education Committee of the Botanical Society of America
Posted March 2001

Plants serve as wonderful model organisms to explore the dynamic science of biology. The Education Committee of the Botanical Society of America is developing curricular materials for K-14 education. These materials are designed to accompany the McIntosh Apple Development Poster which will be distributed to teachers at conferences.  For additional information about the poster, contact the BSA Business Office at (314) 577-9566 or by email at   If you want to contribute an activity for inclusion on this website , please contact Steven Rice at or (518) 388-6243.

Stage 18 Stage 16 Stage 12 Stage 7 Stage 5 Stage 1

Table of Contents:

Curricular Materials:

  • Flower Stucture and Function
    • (We are looking for submissions here) 


  • Brent Seabrook thoughfully designed the spectacular poster that anchors the project.
  • David Kramer, Chair, Education Committee of BSA spearheaded the effort to develop and distribute the poster and supporting materials for this project
  • Steven Rice and Amy Russell, Union College, coordinated the development of supporting materials and the web interface.
  • The project has been graciously funded by contributions from McGraw Hill Publishers and the Botanical Society of America.